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As an independent and objective fee-only advisory firm, River Capital Advisors, L.C. is the exception, not the norm in the financial services industry. Being fee-only means our sole source of compensation is payments from our clients. Period.

Why Fee-Only?

Some firms that talk like us have an affiliated broker-dealer and/or an insurance agency whereby commissions are generated from product sales by a separate entity. Other firms are “fee-based,” which sounds similar but is not. Fee-based firms earn both fees and commissions based on the products they sell and generally do not have a duty to disclose their method of compensation

Fee only advisors are financial fiduciaries to their clients, making us legally and morally obligated to put our clients’ interests first.

Experience with Success

We are fully staffed and structured to provide honest, objective, and personalized investment and wealth management solutions to business owners, high-net worth individuals, foundations, trusts, and retirement plans. Our team of CFP® and CPA professionals have more than 150 years of combined experience in financial and investment planning.

Let us help you identify your financial goals and develop an investment and financial plan that will prepare you for the comfortable and secure future that you desire. At River Capital Advisors, L.C. we want our clients to view us as their personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and look to us to assist with all aspects of their financial lives from estate planning to investment management, tax and retirement planning, home refinancing decisions, Social Security benefit strategies and anything in between.

Please review the Services and About Us sections of this website to learn more about who we are and what we can do for you.


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