How We Work with Clients

 We are fully transparent with our clients on our fee structure. Our services are provided on a fee-only basis, which means we do not sell any products or receive any “kickbacks”, so you can rest assured we have no hidden agenda. We offer three different levels of financial planning and wealth management to accommodate individuals, families, and small businesses with various levels of need. 

Foundation Services Premier Services
Streamlined ETF Portfolio
Annual Review Meeting & Limited Calls/Emails
Financial Goal Road Map ($500 savings) $500
Cash Flow Planning & Debt Management
Insurance Planning & Reviews
Estate Document Review and General Planning (excludes document preparation)
Education Planning
General Tax Planning & Analysis (excludes tax return preparation)
Premier Retirement & Goal Plan
Full-Service Investment Mangement
Business Planning
Tax Loss Harvesting
Unlimited Review Meetings/Calls/Emails
Portfolio Minimum* $200,000 $750,000
Cost of Services (Based on Assests Under Management) 0.75% per annum Tiered Rate

*We are able to manage employer plans and outside accounts (401(k), 403(b), 457, Health Savings Accounts, etc.) as part of the portfolio minimum.



Large corporations and organizations have a chief financial officer (CFO) and we believe you should too. As your personal CFO, we can provide you full financial planning and wealth management including all of the areas listed on the planning page. You will have full access to our planner team for all of your financial planning needs.

*Tax preparation and extensive tax and estate planning are available from our affiliated CPA firm, Smoak, Davis, & Nixon LLP.

In addition to these services, you will receive access to a personal financial website that you can use to review all of your financial accounts (both at RCA and outside institutions) along with spending and budgeting tools. With our team of CFP® and CPA professionals, there is almost no area of your financial life that we cannot assist you with.

Our minimum managed portfolio balance is $750,000 for this service level. Fees are billed quarterly and calculated on the total account value of all assets placed under our management in accordance with the following standard fee schedule:

Value Annual Fee
First $250,000 1.25%
Next $1,750,000 1.00%
Next $2,000,000 0.70%
Additional Assets 0.50%


Many individuals may not need our Premier Services, but still need financial planning services. That is why we offer Foundation Services. This streamlined service includes a portfolio of low-cost, exchange traded funds that we have selected based on our due diligence process. We include one detailed review per year as well as access to our planners when you need them for general questions and to get their recommendations on retirement, insurance, and estate planning matters. You will also have access to a personal financial website.

As a Foundation client, you may not be at a stage in your life where you need a detailed cash flow and retirement analysis, but still would like to know if the savings plan you have in place will help you reach your goals. For a separate, discounted cost for Foundation clients, our Financial Goal Road Map can help you determine if you’re headed in the right direction to meet your goals.

Our minimum managed portfolio balance for Foundation Services is $200,000 and we charge 0.75% annually for this service. Fees are billed quarterly and calculated on the total account value of all assets placed under our management.

As Needed Planning

You may not be in a position currently where you need ongoing portfolio management and financial planning but still need guidance in your financial life. That is why we offer one-time planning and provide a standalone Premier Retirement and Goal Plan or Financial Goal Road Map and project based/hourly planning.

Stand Alone Premier Retirement & Goal Planning Cost
Retirement Plan & Projections $2,750
Survivor & Life Insurance Needs Analysis $750
Disability Insurance Needs Analysis $750
Long Term Care Insurance Needs Analysis $750
Higher Education Savings/Funding Analysis $750
Estate Document Review & General Planning $750
Total for All Areas (without a discount) $6,500
Discounted All-Inclusive Plan $5,000


Stand Alone Financial Goal Road Map Cost
Financial Goal Road Map $1,000


As Needed Planning
We offer one-time planning based on our hourly rates. We have a two-hour minimum billing increment, at a minimum cost of $700. Flat fees can be negotiated depending on the nature and scope of the engagement.

Additional Services

In addition to the services that RCA offers, our CPA affiliate, Smoak, Davis, & Nixon LLP offers tax preparation, attestation services, personal and business accounting, bill pay services and more on an as-needed basis for a separate fee. Visit the Smoak, Davis & Nixon LLP website for additional information.

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