Our Process

At River Capital Advisors L.C., we will get to know you, your family and review your current financial situation. After we understand who you are, we will begin to develop a strategy to help you achieve your goals . We help keep you accountable for your goals and adapt to changes in your life as they arise. Our approach to planning is personalized and proactive – designed to be appropriate for your current situation and to anticipate your future goals and needs.  We know that every client is different and deserves a plan created exclusively for them.

The RCA Difference

Being able to achieve your financial goals and objectives takes more than just picking appropriate investments or having the right insurance. We will assume the following roles for you:

Individuals more than ever need an advisor who can provide expertise in assessing the state of their finances and developing a strategy to help them meet their needs.
The global financial turmoil of the early 21st century demonstrated the value of an independent and objective voice in a world full of product pushers and salespeople. Buying a product is not a strategy and we will help you filter out the noise.
The emotions triggered by financial uncertainty are real. We will listen to your fears and attempt to understand the issues driving those feelings. We will provide you practical, long-term solutions.
Once we understand who you are, we become the “architect” who provides the blueprint for achieving your financial goals and objectives.
We love teaching others and we will help teach you about the role risk and return plays in your investment portfolio, how to manage your cash flow and debt, what insurance products you do (or do not) need, and more.
Doubts and fears will inevitably arise and can derail any strategy. We will be your coach who can keep you accountable and stick to the game plan.
We will constantly look for issues that may affect you and put you off track. We are obligated to say “no” if we believe certain financial decisions could put your future in jeopardy.

Are You On Track to Meet Your Goals?

If you would like to see if you are on track to meet your financial goals, you can use our goal calculator and provide some basic information about yourself and your future objectives. Click the link below to begin.

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