It’s never too late to start saving for your child’s college education. This video identifies college funding strategies that can help you afford the high price of higher education.

Elder Care

Taking care of your parents can be emotional and expensive. Watch this video to learn about steps you can take to overcome these challenges.


Every investment decision involves both risk and reward. Learn how an asset allocation strategy can help reduce your risk.

Personal Finance

It’s hard to fight the urge to splurge. This video explains how you can spend wisely and start saving for tomorrow.


Let’s make sure you’re prepared for retirement. Check out this video to see if you’re on the right track.

Estate Planning

Wills help you control how your assets are distributed. Learn how you can provide your family with a financial roadmap in this video.

Estate Planning

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal client for RCA?

Our ideal client is one who wants a customized investment and financial plan to address their unique financial goals and objectives. Our clients want solutions and work with RCA for long-term, not short-term results. Our ideal client wants a truly unified approach to managing their wealth, where their investment and financial plan work together. Lastly, our ideal client is someone who wants to outsource the management of their financial life and worry about the things that matter most such as spending time with family and friends. We are not performance chasers or market timers.

Aren’t all stockbrokers and financial advisors fiduciaries?

No. Commission-based stockbrokers and financial advisors are only required to be fiduciaries in specific situations. Since broker/advisors try to wear two hats where some activities are held to a fiduciary standard and some are not, this can still result in conflicts of interest.

How will I know how my RCA-managed accounts are performing?

You have three ways to access account information: a statement from the custodian issued no less frequently then quarterly detailing account values and transactions; a quarterly performance report issued from River Capital Advisors showing accounts with performance measures (gross and net of fees); and through online access with the custodian.

How do you minimize taxes within the management of your clients’ taxable accounts?

As CPAs, we wear our “tax hats” when designing, implementing and managing our clients’ portfolios. However, we do not allow the tax tail to wag the economic dog. During our investment manager research and due diligence process, we assess if an equity manager is tax efficient. Our objective is to identify managers that will deliver superior after-tax returns.

When the markets are volatile on the downside, we look for opportunities to harvest capital losses by selling investments or specific tax lots that could be used to offset gains. We also look at current tax laws to assess the attributes of individual accounts (brokerage, IRA, etc.) and position assets in the account that is most tax advantageous.

Will you advise me on my current outside employer retirement plan accounts?

Yes. We will provide advice and recommendations to align your outside employer retirement plan accounts with your overall investment plan. There is no additional cost to you for this service.

Can I have you take a look at another advisor’s recommendation?

Absolutely. We offer a free, second opinion and will share with you our thoughts, observations and recommendations, as well as answer all financial questions that we can

Who maintains custody of my assets?

RCA does not retain or take possession of a client’s securities or funds. The majority of our clients’ accounts are held at Charles Schwab & Company and are serviced through Schwab Institutional Services. This system of checks and balances provides you with assurance that your assets are safe. We are not compensated by Schwab in any way for holding our assets with them.

What is the next step toward working with River Capital Advisors?

Please give us a call at (904) 398- 2075 to find out how we can help you or fill out the contact us form

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