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Investment Planning

Do you know if your current investment strategy is effective to meet your needs and goals? We will help you develop an investment plan that takes into consideration your ability to withstand portfolio declines, minimizes taxes, and coordinates with your overall financial strategy.

Cash Flow Planning

Many individuals struggle to stay afloat financially because of decisions to spend or borrow too much, save too little, or a combination of both. Even if you have positive cash flow today, the way you manage your cash flow may not be sufficient to meet future goals. We will help you manage your cash flow and debt, save for tomorrow, and prioritize goals and expenses.

Retirement Planning

Are you on track to retire? We can help you develop a retirement plan to determine if you are saving enough, which Social Security options are available to you, and more. We believe a retirement plan is not something you set and forget, but something that needs to be updated regularly as you draw nearer to retirement to reflect changes in your needs and goals.

Education Planning

Do you feel anxiety when you think about how to pay for your child’s college education? We are well versed in the various options available to parents (and relatives) to help fund their child’s or loved one’s higher education goals. Contact us to get a copy of our free education planning booklet.

Business Planning

Have you maximized your retirement savings opportunity as a business owner? Do you have a succession plan? Will your family inherit the value of your business? Our team understands small and mid-sized businesses and helps with employer retirement plans, value acceleration, exit planning, and financial modeling to make sure your business is on a stable footing.

To learn more about the business planning we offer, please visit our Business Services page.

*Business advisory planning, including formation, tax compliance, and record keeping services are provided by our affiliated CPA firm, Smoak, Davis, & Nixon LLP.

Tax Planning

We all want to save money on taxes, but how do we do it? Are you taking advantage of all the tax planning strategies available to you? RCA and our affiliated CPA firm, Smoak, Davis & Nixon LLP are uniquely positioned to help you in this process and position you appropriately.

**Tax preparation and extensive tax and estate planning are available from our affiliated CPA firm, Smoak, Davis, & Nixon LLP.

Insurance & Annuity Planning

Do you ever feel like a financial representative is selling you an insurance or annuity product rather than providing you something you need? Our team has many years of knowledge in understanding various products, including life, long term care, disability, liability, and annuities. We have access to commission free insurance products and solutions for our clients, which keeps more money in the hands of our clients.

Whether you own a current insurance product like life insurance or an annuity or you’re wondering if the product you’re being sold by a commissioned agent is really in your best interest, we can help you determine what you do (and do not) need. As financial fiduciaries, if insurance products and solutions are needed, we want to use lower cost products and solutions, including commission free insurance (as applicable), that fits with the client’s planning goals. 

Learn about RCA’s access to commission-free products.

Estate Planning

Who will make end of life decisions for you or take care of minor children? Are you charitably inclined and want to know how to benefit an organization both now and after you pass away? We can help you address issues like these and determine what estate planning is necessary to accomplish your goals. For most individuals this can be accomplished within our normal fee for service.

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